A hand made, handmade type

Posted on March 21, 2012


I recently stumbled across student designer Tein-Min Liao, in particular her beautiful typeface study on hands.

As the says herself, Handmade is a: ” typographic experiment that explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them.”

Beautifully simple…

(nb, click on the images to see the animated GIFs in action)

While enjoying her Handmade Type project, I was also taken with a Taiwan promotional design piece called Ilha Formosa.

“This promotion set includes a book, bookmark, and poster, all of which was designed to introduce Taiwan. It is not only a book with a collection of nice delicate paper-illustration, but also an infographic book,” says Tien-Min.

But particularly endearingly is her explaination of why she decided to start the project: “When I came to the United States, I noticed that many people don’t know my hometown Taiwan. Some people even cannot tell the difference between Taiwan and Thailand, just because they sound alike. As a designer, I think I should do something to promote this beautiful island.”

The cover of the book is just like someone is watching Taiwan with telescope, and said "Ilha formosa". It is inspired by the story of the first time European found Taiwan. They looked at this beautiful island and said "Ilha formosa" which means a beautiful island in Portuguese. After that, "Formosa" had been used as a name of this island (Taiwan) in the west for hundreds years.

The population of the mainland China is 59 times than Taiwan. If mainland China's population is the whole dish, Taiwan is just one piece of chicken. (This dish is one of the famous Chinese dish – Kong Bao Chicken)

Bookmark: "When the reader is using the bookmark, it looks just like that there is an island floating on the edge of the page."